My Nonlinear



Multimedia work, created using a touch screen kiosk. Shown at several international locations including: ProgME BRASIL, Rennes FRANCE, Sleeper Gallery SCOTLAND, London…  Link to the work

rewriting freud

rewriting freud

Rennes France

Rennes France

This project was created using DIRECTOR. Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams, was fed into ‘the machine’, and each word is selected at random and then put up on the screen.

Every word will be used to ‘re-write’ his book in completely random sequence, therefore you will not get the same book or even the same page twice.  The viewer has the option to print out a page, or wait until the end (aprox. 3 days) to have the entire book printed.  Some versions of this work also have a button to press to print the press release describing the work.


Every day a new video stream was uploaded of the artist reading. This was for the duration of the show (50 days).

This work was projected on a wall, using 2 projector and 2 mini macs. These were mounted on columns, and only the mouse was left accessible for the viewer.

The interface was create using FLASH and it was basically a calendar layout with each day becoming active with a new stream.  The books the artist read for the duration of this work were supplied by the participants in East International, which made for a varied an interesting list.

One of the interface images

One of the interface images

QTVR Art Gallery in France

This is a Quick Time Virtual Reality movie made in the art gallery in France.  I had made a few versions of it, and different views of the gallery.  Lighting is something I needed to consider as well as having people in the gallery and how that affected the images.

York Racecourse QTVR

This was one of the first QTVRs that I made, and really was an exercise to get some practice using the Tripod and software.

York Racecouse as a QTVR, launch it in a new window to activate.

York Racecouse as a QTVR, launch it in a new window to activate.

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