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Professional Studies / Case Study Y2


This module aims to enable you to have a greater understanding of the world of work in your particular chosen area.

It prepares you for the workplace either as an employee or as self-employed. It gives you an awareness of the current business environment and labour market in the UK and Europe .

You will undertake a detailed case study of your chosen area to reflect upon the business solutions of that case study. Case study’s / projects will be negotiated and agreed with the module tutor using a learning agreement.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:

LO1 Critically analyse a particular market or industry through detailed research and study

LO2 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of being an employee and/or self employment, and the business of their intended profession

LO3 Present and communicate effectively both orally and in written form.

Your task will be to research and develop a case study of a new media company and examine the structure and philosophies of the business. Using this information you will produce a business plan for a proposed business, the following wil need highlighting:

•  Legal restriction and parameters affecting design process
•  Ethics and responsibilities of designers in relation to society and environment
•  Critically analyse a particular market/brand through detailed research and study


30% (LO1) Research file showing critical analysis of material including case study report. 1,500 word equivalence

70% (LO2,LO3) Presentation (15 minutes) and production of accompanying business plan. 1,500 word equivalence

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