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Professional Practice Y1


This module centres on the students preparation for the professional context of their work, in terms of promotion and marketing. Students will engage in debates surrounding organisational and personal values, in relation to market segmentation, advertising strategies, forecasting, trend setting, and ethical branding. All of this will be in the context of looking at companies and SMEs to analyse and evaluate their approach to business. As an area at the forefront of technical and commercial development a key aspect of this module will involve the exploration of new and emerging markets. With particular reference to their use of Creative Digital Communications to replace existing modes of commercial activity and the generation of new ones.

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

LO1 Research and analyse marketing techniques

LO2 Critically evaluate a promotional strategy

LO3 identify personal strengths and needs

In this module students will address some of the practical, ethical and intellectual concepts involved in being a designer of digital interfaces. Students will research new and emerging ways of working practice. The Contextual Studies Journal will contextualise the theory and the case study will be used to inform current trends and predictions

•  A series of lectures introducing recognised research methods for the production of critical evaluative thinking

•  A series of seminars exploring student’s attitudes and values applied to existing models of practice

•  An introduction to the development of evidence gathering and strategic development

Students participate in workshops on research methodologies, essay construction techniques and seminar presentation skills.

The programme of study has been developed in conjunction with staff from across the department. Students will benefit from a varied lecture programme, including visiting lecturers and speakers. Critical studies tutors will facilitate subject-specific seminars and direct students towards independent learning, including recommendations for study visits and reading lists.

Attendance at these lectures and seminars during Level C is compulsory and a record is kept accordingly. Additional tutorial hours and workshops will be notified throughout the year by Critical Studies staff.

100% (LO1, LO2, LO3) A case study 3,000 words equivalence, including a reflective skills assessment set against career aspirations informed by a main area of the case study

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