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Interactivity Y1


This module is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the complexities of on-screen design and user-interactive techniques. It will explore methods of visual, audio and textual communication in terms of interplay between people and computers and enable students to both plan and structure interactive models.

With the ever expanding demand for on screen displays including personal computers, mobile phones, Interactive television, personal digital assistants, car displays including satellite navigation, game consoles, mobile game pads, interactive whiteboards, haptic game controllers, ATM machines, mobile media players and touch screen interactive displays the need for a coherent and creative approach to interface design is clear.

This module is designed to provide the student with the necessary skills and understanding to research and analyse current practice and use this research to inform their own creative solutions with particular reference to the narrative possibilities in new media content

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

LO1 Design interface mechanisms to create interactive communication models

LO2 Produce an on screen digital interactive product/interface

LO3 Record their progress using a user based design solution incorporating user feedback

Students will research and create an interactive product using appropriate software and hardware in response to the set module project. The delivery medium will be screen based and could include video ipods – portable game devices – mobile phones or be web based. The case study will be used as an iterative process to inform the students own direction and understanding.

•  A series of studio exercises introducing recognised working methods for the production of computer generated imaging, and sound production

•  A series of demonstrations directly linked to practical application of interactive interfaces

•  Practical experience exploring the use of software through a range of exercises linked to project briefs

•  An introduction to the development of visual language with practical experience of the use of interactive software

Introductory workshops focused on developing initial skills, to enable further self-directed learning through practical exercises. Inductions and demonstrations by technical and academic staff

in specialized workshop areas. Supported open learning group work activities and discussions.

The practical projects will evidence personal development in practical and technical skills with an enhanced creative approach. A technical notebook and a design portfolio will show investigations of and confidence in, a range of digital media.

60% (LO1, LO2) Interactive product interface production in response to the module brief including rationale.

40% (LO3) A case study to be kept throughout Module, including critical analysis of an example of a contemporary interactive product interface

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