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Critical Studies Y2


During this module students apply a critical and contextual dimension to Creative Digital Communication and demonstrate their understanding of contemporary Digital Communication practice. The module continues to emphasise the development of key and transferable skills established at Certificate level.

Students increase the depth of their subject-specific knowledge by extending their exploration of design issues. The module further develops and consolidates the students’ skills in researching, assimilating and evaluating information, highlighting the procedures that are relevant to contemporary practice in Digital Communication. The format and content of the presentation will be negotiated and agreed with the module tutor via a learning agreement.

LO1 Analyse and evaluate current practice in digital communication

LO2 Select, develop and communicate appropriate evidence identifying future career aspirations

LO3 Identify and evaluate their preferences for learning and self development

LO4 Critically evaluate learning including work related learning

This module will explore how new technology is changing and developing the way society uses information.

Examples include but not exclusive to include Wikis, RSS feeds, podcasts, e-portfolios and blogs. Students will use current practice to inform a reasoned debate as to how these technologies might develop in the future and develop a response as to how it will affect them as a designer

•  A series of individual and group tutorials
•  A series of seminars and lectures
•  An introduction to the development of visual language

Workshops focused on developing l skills, to enable further self-directed learning through practical exercises. Inductions and demonstrations by technical and academic staff in specialized workshop areas. Supported open learning group work activities and discussions.

This module will focus on reflection of the practical aspects of the programme from a personal perspective. The practical projects will evidence personal development in practical and technical skills with an enhanced creative approach. A technical notebook and an e-portfolio will show investigations of and confidence in, a range of digital media.

50% (LO1, LO2,) Essay 1500 words

50% (LO3, LO4) A personal and a professional profile (1500 word equivalence)

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