My Nonlinear

The Canadian living in The UK



I enjoy collaborating with artists to develop new media. Currently College Lecturer in Creative Digital Communications and Interactivity.

Extra bits…Favorite….

Book is Watchers by Dean Koontz, completely love all his books I even have been buying them in french now to re read them and get my french skills back to what they were.  (Though not sure horror is the way to go)

Films are Face Off, The Big Lebowski, Terminator 2… you can see where I’m headed with this list…

Comedy is Jerry Seinfeld “Maybe the two of us, working at full capacity, can do the job of one normal man. ” But the soooo funny curb your enthusiasm has really made me laugh.

I read alot about technology, watch diggnation including old episodes (cause they are pretty funny) and surf alot for new stories, new technologies… also enjoy gaming (and have gamed since I got my first computer) I currently play 2 popular MMORPGs though I’m pretty much abandoning my first one atm. (Time is tight)

Oh – the shoes…. gonna have to get myself a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

MMM shoes.

MMM shoes.


So that is the current stuff about me.

A little bit about my roots. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and went to Wayoata School for Primary. I then went to Transcona Collegiate while the City was building a new school near me, that would be entirely french. When the high school was finished (Pierre Elliot Trudeau), we were the first graduating class from it. It was a pretty amazing experience (looking back of course). Here’s a quick skinny from Wiki:

Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau is part of River East Transcona School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It opened its doors in September 1990 with a population of 140 students and 14 teachers. By 2006, the school had grown to 330 students and a staff of 21 teachers. In 2006 Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau was designated an UNESCO school. It was the first public building in Canada to be named after former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Anyway, before the move to this new High School thou, I was inspired by a science teacher called Mr. Mousseau.  He was totally into computers, and remember this is back when you really had a floppy disc, and had to close the drive behind it.  He started a little session that whoever wanted to could attend after school and use these computers.

Some of us went, and we programmed in Basic.  We even got a dot matrix printer, and I made some pretty horrible cards and posters!


At the time I remember thinking, w-o-w I will never be able to afford my own computer, or my own printer.   This really is what started my great love of all things techie.  (I still have some floopy discs saved, I can never thow them away)

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