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  • 07:29:34 pm on January 9, 2009 | 0
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    Decided that since the move to WordPress, and my official love of it and all its customizable features, that I am going to set one up for my students work. They will be able to showcase their projects (and there are some serious contenders in my groups, and I’m not just being the proud teacher) and then eventually upload their CV’s.

    I’m just trying to work our the best way to map it all out, trying to split it per group. Also looking for some fun free themes so that it isn’t just using one of the templates included with WP. Currently thinking of Notepad Chaos, but it does not seem to like when I make changes to the CSS.

    Here’s a Picture of it thou, I think it would be interesting to the students.

    Notebook Chaos

    Notebook Chaos

    If you have had any experience with setting up a blog for this purpose, please let me know any tips or tricks to make sure its successful. Thanks! ~


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