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  • 02:00:25 am on January 4, 2009 | 0
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    Lots of excitement has started in the Twitter community. Around 10pm or so (EST)  on January 3rd messages began to surface about a bad link. This takes you to a site that asks you for your password. Once it has the information it sends the tweet to your followers, asking them to check out the site too. Messages of Re-Tweets warning you to not click the link has now also spread through the community and people are discussing the origins of this Trojan.  The  message is via Direct Message (DM) reading “hey! check out this funny blog about you…http://jannawalitax.blogspo… ” .

    Since then around 1am a warning message has appeared on users Twitter home page warning about malicious attacks.

    Screen Shot of the message apearing on the home screen.

    Screen Shot of the message appearing on the home screen.

    Users are now being told to change their password and delete all cookies if they have clicked on the link.  I find it interesting how the discussions on twitter are so fluid.  The way one persons tweet can alter your train of thought or change a direction you were working on.

    This Trojan is an example of how we can become complacent and trusting, and I’m sure that if I had received the link (fortunately my lack of popularity has worked in my favor) that I would have clicked on it, as I seem to click on most links that come my way.  That’s one of the best things I like about twitter, getting so many useful and wonderful links.  It all re-enforces my love of the net.

    Here is one post sent about the phishing scam emerging:

    Post about possible origins of the scam.

    Post about possible origins of the scam.

    Anyway, I guess its just a reminder of how fast these things can spread, but equally how the users all warned each other and sent messages to warn you to not click on it.

    Were any of you affected? Do you know where this was origionally posted from or who to? Comments?~

    [EDIT] DCR Blogs has regular updates and is a great source for information you should read through for more information as it happens.


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