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    Developer: F2M2 Inc.
    Price: FREE
    Version Reviewed: 1.22

    iPhone integration rating 4/5
    User Interface rating 5/5
    Reuse / Replay value 4/5

    SodaSnap uses either an existing photo from your Photo Library or  one taken with the iPhone camera. It then sends the image in a ‘virtual postcard’ to family and friends. (well, whoever you want to, to be more accurate.)

    Currently there are a few photography applications that try their best to make use of the camera (PhotoNote for example), but the main issue is that the camera on the iPhone just isn’t up to scratch.  That, plus the application seems to compress the images even further when you send them.  This means that what you actually send them is a pretty fuzzy .jpeg in an email (but postcard style).

    Having said that – its really fun! When you get an email it formats the image into a border so it looks like a physical postcard.  I find myself sending postcards of everyday life to friends (and to myself)!!

    image sent with SodaSnap

    Image received with SodaSnap

    However, if you have images that you have taken with a digital camera, and you put those images on your iPhone (which most of us have) then it handles them really well, maintaining great quality. Above is an image of a postcard I sent & received using the application.

    The interface is simple and in keeping with other iPhone applications, and it takes no time at all to send an image (two clicks and its sent makes it really user friendly).  Here is the main screen on launch of the application:

    Screen capture of SodaSnap

    Screen capture of SodaSnap

    The image below is the screen after you have chosen an image, or taken a photo:

    Sending the photo.

    Sending the photo.

    Settings are minimal – you set your email address, choose if you want your images stored on their server or not and lastly choose if you want the images saved to the Photo Library (a good idea).

    The help button is pretty useless as it just has this one liner: What is SodaSnap. So not really necessary.

    The application will ask to use your current location and it will note your photo with the information, which would be interesting for those who receive your postcard (should you chose to allow it permission).

    Overall – its free, its useful, does exactly what it says and because it keeps with the iPhone interface it has a visually pleasing design (which makes it easy to use, only taking two clicks) its worthy of a precious application space on your iPhone. ~


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