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  • 07:14:22 pm on December 16, 2008 | 0
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    I love SimCity!

    I don’t play it at the moment because I’m addicted to my iPhone, but news of SimCity coming to the phone is this gamers dream.

    iPhone interface for Sim City

    iPhone interface for SimCity

    SimCity was one of the first games to truly hold my attention. It was great being able to make the city (especially once that money cheat was found, wow then the game was awesome!) as big and dysfunctional as possible. I would spend so many evenings on the game, and a huge portion of holiday time too. (I also spent an enormous amount of time with games like Age of empires and tried so hard to get on with Black & White…)

    Anyhow, enough of the stories, here are some great links for information about the news of SimCity coming to the iPhone this month…

    VENTURE BEAT : SimCity for the iPhone may ruin my life (in a good way)

    Also this small bit of information [again VENTURE BEAT] about them setting up trials in the stores (certain locations) so people could try the game on the iPhone. Only stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago are hosting these “EA Games Sneak Peek” events on select days in December. Basically though gives them a chance to show off their games directly to the customer.

    Just to include and deviate slightly is the discussion on pricing of applications in the Store. Initially some games / applications were priced at the heavier end, of $9.99, but as more and more became free, the prices seem to have settled at the lower end (resulting in some to call the App Store, the Crap Store). This article highlights the reasons, and why they think it may swing back to the higher bracket (rumored that SimCity may be a $9.99 price tag) and the reasons behind it.

    Heres the take from Apple Insider on Simcity coming to iPhone

    Screen shots can be found here.

    Hope you are as excited as I am (hope we can still use a money cheat), and in time for Christmas, I know what I’ll be doing all holiday! ~


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