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    Visited a lotta great links this week so I thought I’d write a post with a listing of them. 


    The first one is about Microsoft’s new ‘notebook’ called ThumbTack basically a great tool for researchers (Mashable has a great article about it and the others, link above).  Currently Google Notebook seems to be at the top of the list, and there is EverNote and UberNote too (a long list of others) Along with that is the information that Microsoft Office will be preparing web versions of their software.  This article from the BBC explains the move.

    Wired Blog on eyeborg

    This is great –  Canadian filmmaker will be putting a camera in his eye, what an amazing idea! “Rob Spence looks you straight in the eye when he talks. So it’s a little unnerving to imagine that soon one of his hazel-green eyes will have a tiny wireless video camera in it that records your every move. ” from Wired Blog.

    Eyeborg from WIRED (

    Eyeborg from WIRED (


    Turning virtual drinks into real ones Also from Mashable <—- review & information 


    This next link was in a @ryancarson tweet, basically an open community for mobile application developers.  This link specifically to a great place to create widgets. 


    AwayFind basically acts as a web filter.  It is so you can choose which emails are vital and that you do want looking at quickly.  Could be a good solution if your the type of user who has alot of email to get through and just needs it prioritizing. Describe as “The online equivalent of having an administrative assistant screen your mail and only bother you for the important things.” by Web Worker Daily


    This is Microvision, purely cause I want one! (little projector that you can use with your iPhone)

    Macrumors: Apple Patent

    And lastly, this Patent released “revealing research that Apple had done in 2007 on many topics encompassing future versions of Mac OS X. The most intriguing is a series of patent applications which describe a “Multidimensional” user interface. Apple has essentially been working on true 3D desktop environments. ” from Macrumors

    Apple patent application

    Apple patent application

    That last link, to the Apple Patent I had to include as it appeared yesterday, and just this week I had started the beta for BumpTop, so pretty topical.   (which is worth a look at, also watch amazing demonstration by Anand Agarawala at TED.

    Ok, those are the links, that does seem to be a pretty huge list, but I loved them all for different reasons and thought they were worth a mention.

    ~ Hey – if you have any great links you’ve come across this week please post them for me, I’d love to check them out!



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