My Nonlinear

  • 10:33:32 am on December 12, 2008 | 0
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    Formatting on a blog seems to have its own specials laws of physics.  No matter how I arrange, place, move, nudge or organize things, it seems to disagree with me.  I now have the blog opened in a main window, to see the results of every single change I make, plus the actual editing window opened, and then the source of my writing (if I’m not directly typing into the blog window).  Then usually my images opened in another folder as well.  Is this progress.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am far preferring this method then what I have been doing for the last -eek- lets call it 9 years and say no more.  Which is constructing the page from a design mapped out on paper, then building it, then uploading it, testing it…  Of course you had to have the software on the local machine that you were using, and the files as well, which now that alot of people use more then one machine, is just getting old.  Anyway, at the moment I have put information on, but I will have to work out the images and their placement, cause at the moment I’m going insane trying to make it actually look how I want it to.


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