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    Gordana Adamovic-MladenovicThe following taken directly from  ultralightstartups is very topical to some of the issues that are being discussed at the moment.

    Marketing in particular and the way to actually maintain someones interest can be a challenge.  This is where viral, social marketing can make a real difference.  Anyway, the quote below is from the site mentioned above, and it really is worth a read.  Important things to consider in current times:

    “The cost of launching a tech venture is continually falling, due to a large number of interrelated technical, social, and financial factors. There are many recent examples of startups that successfully capitalize on these factors to reach profitability and multi-million dollar valuations in a very short period of time with minimal capital investment. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time and money on ventures that never produce a return. The quicker and cheaper an entrepreneur can test an idea in the marketplace, the quicker he can determine whether it is worth greater investment, or whether to move on to the next project. Ultra Light Startups is a group of entrepreneurs who explore these perpetually evolving factors and refine techniques to launch technology ventures – minimizing cost and time associated with testing ideas in the marketplace.”

    What are the characteristics of an Ultra Light Startup?

    • Low permanent headcount, low overhead, low budget
    • The use of outsourcing, offshoring and outsourcing marketplaces (e.g., Elance, oDesk)
    • Use of off-the-shelf and open source software and platforms (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki) and their ecosystems
    • Minimizing hardware costs and maximizing flexibility with cloud/network computing
    • Leveraging infrastructure and communities provided by the diverse set of existing and social platforms and devices
    • Viral/guerilla/social marketing
    • Any other low-cost, high-flexibility techniques

    Hope you find those useful, I thought they provided some solid advice that reflects the current economical climate.

    Also it makes it all seem possible, so if you have got that HOT startup idea, no excuses! Please add your comments if you have any advice to add to the list. ~


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