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  • 01:45:16 pm on December 8, 2008 | 0
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    This has become a hot topic at the moment.

    The debate about what information should be public or what should be private is raging on his blog page at Carsonified at the moment.  Basically last week he used twitter to send out a tweet about having to make 3 employees redundant.

    Anyhow, his company is known for its family like approach and good business conferences, he also is the man who organises amazing web conferences like FOWD (Future of Web Design) which he assembles the top designers who all participate in conferences, demonstrations etc…

    But, basically, he sent these updates via his twitter feed, and then the week later made this post [Carsonified blog] which was ment as a guide for companies to make cuts in these economic times.  Poor timing some say… read the comments on this subject which raises some very interesting points on what should be public and what should be private information.  He has come under some heavy fire… should he be, or is he just using the Internet as a sharing tool?


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