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  • 12:02:29 pm on December 8, 2008 | 0
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    Seems to be so many ways to keep in touch now days.  This can only be a good thing I suppose.  However I find myself neglecting people who are not part of the technology revolution.  This mostly seems to be family members, who are far away and really, I think would benefit from trying out some of these social networks.

    I wonder thou, is it getting more and more difficult for someone to just start up and join these social sites?  Blogging, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… the list seems endless, and their features and formatting seems to be making it difficult for a new user to join.  Each one of them have certain etiquette and ways of posting.  Is it at the stage now that unless you have been there from the start it is difficult to become part of it?

    On the flipside of that, has the Netbooks maybe made it easier for a non computer user to become part of that community?  Are they providing Netbooks that become affordable and tempting for someone who does not have a computer, or *heaven forbid* an Internet connection.

    Already thou, from the entry level machines I first saw, starting near the £100 mark, they have already blossomed to £300 for a simple book that does almost the same thing as the earlier models.  Are they already expanding the range so much that again they are alienating the market of new users?

    I suppose the number of new users or users who want a low cost connection are too small to target? I personally dont think so, and even Mac have decided to launch a Netbook as part of their range (though this is rumor atm).

    All I’m wondering really is, at what point do people start to become excluded from the social aspect, and at what point do we decide what is worth knowing and what is just toooooo much information?  Alot of it seems to be just re typing of the same stories over and over, and it becomes a question of choosing very carefully one or two new feeds that you can rely on.

    I hope they keep the low priced, low spec machines and let the people who are not yet in on the technology have a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

    ~ C


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