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  • 09:11:00 am on September 9, 2006 | 1

    The visit to Winnipeg was really great. The weather was unusually hot and we were even able to sun tan! This image is of a typical street near where I grew up. Really long straight roads with lots of trees and bungalow homes. For any north Americans this will seem an odd image to choose, it is a very common image. But I am living in England and the roads are very different.

    This picture is of the new bridge that was built on Provencher Avenue. Really beautiful bridge and nice pedestrian walk. There are carvings on the side of it that you can see from underneath.

    There is also now a restaurant so you can stop and have a bite. It overlooks the beautiful Forks area, which has unique shops and boutiques. You can also get traditional and ethnic foods there as well as see the museum.

    We also wanted to see a hockey game.. We saw a Manitoba Moose game against Chicago. It was one of their best games in the season! They scored 7 goals, it was so exciting!

    Manitoba Moose Game

    Finally we made a quick stop in Ottawa on our way back.. It is such a beautiful place . It is really worth a visit, and I think we need to go back and just spend some time there, for a really indepth visit.




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