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  • 09:53:00 am on September 9, 2006 | 1

    Although there is little ‘virtul’ time seperating my last posting, there has been alot of ‘real time’ to seperate the events of our lives. This blog is about the ‘house of horrors’, although it sounds silly, we have been having building work done to our house and although things started off really well and exciting it became a little stressful! Here are some photos of the build though which i think are amazing to look at. Be warned this is a long post!

    The structure went up really fast. It was unbelievable to see. We were so excited thinking that the job would actually be finished sooner than predicted. But then we were advised that if we went away for a week, they could really get going and put in radiators throughout the house, gut the bathroom and fix all the plumbing. Well, wowo we though, all that to be done over the course of an intensive weeks work. Sure we’ll go away…. and off we went.

    On our time away we sat thinking and chatting excitedly about what changes we could expect when we got home. Wow – all that plumbing done we would be living in luxury.

    Well, driving home from the holiday we were really excited. We wanted to get home around dinner time so we could come in to the house, see what had been done and have a nice meal and relax.

    Arrival –
    Oh dear, there was quite a lot less done then we had imagined would be done. Now –this may sound like i am exaggerating but, let me tell you – I wish I was!

    NO PLUMBING AT ALL – no water, we had 1 copper pipe downstairs, with a screw on it that we would have to turn with a screw driver if we needed water. (if we needed water? hello?) – this meant, no bathing facilities, washing up, TOILET, nothing! No hot water!

    NO ELECTRICITY – None at all, no lights no power sockets working, nothing! (NO LIGHTS)

    NO KITCHEN – no units left, no cooker, no sink, and 1 huge mains electric cable coming up from the floor to the ceilling!

    So we had a panic, we had no where to stay, the kids had school tommorrow, and we had no facilities at all…. So we went to find a local B&B… so ok I can calm down a bit, we have a place to stay with the kids (we had to get 2 rooms) – BUT – our dog…. none of the kennels we could have used had any places left, and one had turned to a cattery only! So, I stayed at the B&B and My husband had to stay with the dog in the house, with no electricity, or water! We borrowed a stock of candles and flashlights for his stay back home.

    In all, it took 6 weeks before we had any lights, and the job is still not finished, some 5 months later. It livable now and we finally have a kitchen (with running hot water!) so iwon’t complain too much. I will post a few pictures of the finished beast on the next blog, as this has become a monster!



  • dark1988 12:46 pm on October 5, 2006 | #

    On the road to prefection (sp), there will also ways be problems that need sovling (sp).

    However, it looks like a nice house.

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