Busy working all week on a new site design. The proposals seem to take a long time, to get it right. I have been searching the web for scripts to update the pages. I wanted to use the simple SSI, and then include a text file, but as it was someone with no web experience using it they would prefer something easier.

I have decided to opt for a webenabled updater and then to install the script myself. I did try several different scripts and some of them are way over my head, I will admit! But then in a magazine I have come across this blogger. Now although this is starting to sound like an ad for them, all I am doing is having a practice on my own web site to see how easy it is to use. So far so good.

I will finish the proposals and continue next week with this trial, and then if all is well I will offer this system to the client. If anyone else has a simple system they use to update from the web or knows of a good script for it then please drop me a line via my email address.

See you next week.